Graphic Design

Let us tell your story

We start with a story. What follows is exceptional design.

Every great brand has a story to tell – and a great one tells it well.

We partner with our clients to uncover their unique history, what makes their brand special and why an audience should care. We transform these ideas into words, developing a clear voice and a definitive point of view along the way, which results in a distinctive story.  It’s the story that informs and unifies everything else we do – from logo, collateral and website design to marketing, advertising and social media campaigns.

We like to compare our Creative Brief to a movie screenplay. Once we’ve come up with the plot that tells the brand story, we are able to bring the brand to life through design, illustration and photography. The story helps to guide future decisions that brand managers need: giving them a clear line of action to follow, helping to ensure that their brand stays on course, and growing and changing in ways that continually strengthen it and allow it to remain true to its core.

Our Process

1. ASK

Information Gathering

We always kick things off with a strategy meeting that allows all stakeholders to weigh in with their thoughts. Slagle Design and partners will ask questions, direct the conversation, and gather loads of information.


Research & Audit of Market

We will combine the information gathered at the initial strategy meeting with research and come back to present a comprehensive Creative Brief.  Any needed revisions will be addressed prior to moving to the “Create” phase.


Concept Creation

At our third meeting, we will present multiple unique concepts, all based on the approved Creative Brief. The client chooses one logo direction. Minor edits (if needed) to the chosen option which will be addressed by Slagle Design and sent back for final approval.


Brand Standards
& Brand Assets

Once a direction is approved, we will create a Digital Artwork Kit along with the logo files in vector and bitmap formats for each iteration of the logo along with specified colors and typefaces. We will then work together to create and produce any further deliverables such as packaging, print, interactive, or applications.

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